Six steps to maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment

Commercial refrigeration systems are used in a plethora of areas, from businesses and cafes to eateries, commercial kitchens, wine, and juice shops, dessert shops, ice cream parlors, and many more. These appliances are pretty complicated and costly too. Not only will you need help repairing them, but it will also involve a considerable sum of money. Therefore, your best option will be to work on maintaining the commercial refrigeration equipment.

This will reduce the chances of damage to the refrigeration unit. Plus, you won't even have to invest too much money to get the damage fixed. If you need to be made aware of the ways to maintain the refrigeration unit, do not worry anymore. In this following section, we have described how you can keep your commercial refrigeration unit safe and optimally functioning.

Checking the functions and preventing breakdowns

One of the best ways to maintain refrigeration equipment is to check its functioning and prevent emergency breakdown. In the latter case, getting the appliance working again will cost a lot because emergency breakdowns symbolize a massive problem with the internal circuits.

Preventing the formation of moldy ice

It would help if you prevented the formation of moldy ice in the deep freezer, as it can block the pipes and refrigeration units easily. To do so, keep the freezer clean and go for the defrost function now and then.

Checking the energy consumption

One of the best ways to maintain commercial refrigerators is to check their energy consumption. Sometimes, you won't be able to detect the damage externally. In such cases, the energy consumed throughout the monthly cycle will increase significantly, showing a problem with the internal circuits and components. So, checking the monthly consumption and comparing the values will help you immensely.

Periodic cleaning of the refrigeration unit

It would help if you cleaned the refrigeration equipment now and then. It will only be easier for you to maintain the appliance in its optimal state if you do so. Plus, it can cause more problems than ever. Therefore, clean the refrigerator and empty the drainage tank where all the water gets stored after running the defrost function.

Checking for any leaks and holes

You should also check if the refrigeration equipment has any holes or leaks. If there is such a situation, the refrigerant will continue to decrease in amount, leading to fluctuations in the gas pressure. This can hamper the cooling function of the appliance. So, you must check if there is any leak or hole in the refrigerant pipes that might be causing a sudden change in the air pressure.

Maintaining the optimal temperature inside.

Last but not least, you also need to check if the temperature inside the refrigerator is at the optimal level or not. If you see more fluctuations in the temperature every day, you need to call the repairman instantly. It probably happens due to a worsened condition for the compressor, leaking refrigerant, and so on. If these conditions persist, the entire equipment will suffer from severe damages that might even need the replacement of certain electrical parts, thereby incurring huge costs.


Since now you know the significant measures to extend the lifetime of the refrigeration equipment, we hope you will follow the steps discussed above so that your equipment can last for the longest possible time without needing any repair or part replacement. Albaz is the one-stop shop for all your refrigeration equipment needs, visit our website here.